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clinton. given that last week president obama might have preferred to bestow on mr. clinton the medal of freedom of opinion. >> i'm grateful, bill, as well, for the advice and counsel you've offered me on and off the golf course. and most importantly for your life-saving work around the world. >> by all accounts, 42 and 44 are not close. advisers can see the two men don't particularly like each other, and their relationship is purely transactional. as reported in the book "double down," following a round of golf in 2011, designed to break the ice and formalize clinton's role in the re-election effort, president obama told an aide, i like him in doses. clinton's recent comment that the president should allow americans to keep their substandard individual insurance plans was just the most recent example of the big dog running off the leash. in june clinton opined that president obama risked looking like a total fool with his cautious, consensus-seeking approach on syria. during the campaign, clinton praised mitt romney's sterling business career just as team obama was spending millions
between president obama and president rouhani, these are key caters there can be a thawing of relations. why that matters, not just over the nuclear issue but regional issues that are great concern to the united states and it's national security including conflict in ir ia, including saudi arabia and perhaps above all including israel's security. >> that seems to be the balance here. no one expects iran to become friendly to the u.s. or interest but 30 years after the tortured relationship it is a significant breakthrough. i want to point to something richard haass wrote. the accord is better understood as a ceiling than a freeze. it establishes a level of npgs that is far more intrusive than what existed of the net result will be to slow iran's progress towards nuclear weapons capability, increasing the time and warning the world would have between any iranian decision to produce nuclear weapons and when it would actually achieve that goal. ayman, i take that time line to you because we're looking at a congress that seems to think it should set the next deadline. what is the internatio
after president obama's election. medicare's top risk analyst, it was the president's most significant domestic policy achievement and the very aides that pushed the law through congress were risking bad implementation for a short-term political gain. regarding the president's infamous promise if you like it, you can keep it, some white house policy advisers objected to the breadth of keep your plan, they were overruled. in recent days, current aides have downplayed or dismissed the damage of those words. >> the vast majority of americans that statement will hold true. for this small group of americans it hasn't. the calamitous thing here the website wasn't up. many of those people who have to transition will get better insurance for less money but they can't tell now. >> any debate regarding the president's statement ever took place. >> i don't recall significant discussions around some of the verbiage on this to be 100% honest with you. >> do you agree it was a wrong move? >> certainly. >> one former senior administration official said the law is crafted by white house and lawmakers,
obama at 41% approval, a full 14 points down from his post re-election high. meanwhile members of his own party are doing their best to make an already complicated situation that much more complicated. at least four senate democrats support a keep your plan bill that would allow insurance companies to continue to offer substandard insurance plans in the individual market. letting americans keep their crappy health care plans because the gop made the loss of said crappy health care plans a national emergency doesn't exactly fit the description of long-term strategy. but these days all bets are off. "the washington post" reports this morning that the white house is increasing its reliance on insurers by accepting their technical help in efforts to repair the problem. the problem online insurance marketplace and prioritizing consumers' ability to buy plans directly from the carriers. the administration's broader cooperation with insurers is a tacit acknowledgement that the federal insurance exchange might not be working smoothly by the target date of november 30th. might not be working s
screen of an anti-obama care cartoon that illustrates what we're talking about here. so it says, got insurance? no! what i got is an std from one of the many women who now get free birth control and a website i can't access. now you can too. thanks, obama care. now, cartoonist ann fran crco s he's not opposed to birth control, just paying with it through his taxes. so much wrong with this cartoon. >> where do you start? crazy. >> it ain't like the guys are participating this in process as well. >> that's the irony. men support birth control just like women do. this is normative behavior. again, incredibly common. if you look at what happened in obama care in a much bigger picture, the birth control benefit is one piece of it. it was really important. but that was part of a bigger preventive care benefit, which was saying, actually, society has an interest in public health, has an interest in women having preventive care. we can prevent unintended pregnancy, we can detect breast cancer earlier. there are a whole host of things that are happening to really equalize health care for wome
reid playing defense for the white house. last night president obama kept the door open to changes in the law. >> what we'll do is continue to assess if there are roadblocks for people, we're going to clear out those roadblocks. >> open to whatever it takes. >> whatever it takes for people to get what is good quality health insurance at cheaper prices. >> the president was less accommodating when it came to criticism of the person who oversaw implementation of the law, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. >> still have full confidence in kathleen sebelius. >> i think kathleen sebelius under tremendously difficult circumstances over the last four and a half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so that there is a good product out there for people to get. kathleen sebelius doesn't write code. she wasn't our i.t. person. >> no one so far suggested the secretary wrote even one of the estimated 5 million lines of faulty code, she doesn't seem to be going anywhere. speaking at the carter center in atlanta this morning, sebelius remained upbeat.
disastrous health care rollout, president obama announced a fix that would allow people to continue their plans under the health care rollout for a year. if it was a policy solution to a political problem, it was also a mea culpa. >> there is no doubt people are frustrated. i would be, too. i was not informed correctly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying this is great. we did fumble the ball on it. what i'm going to make sure we do is get it fixed. >> unfortunately the president is looking to recover the fumble. because if you like it, you still might not be able to keep it. it's even hard for me to get out. although the new proposal laos insurers to keep people on existing and substandard plans, it does not necessarily mean insurers or individual states will agree to it. president obama is meeting today with insurance ceos to discuss ways to work together in a conversation that is guaranteed to be as contentious as it is awkward. already insurers are rejecting the white house plan as are the state ins
do not end at dot-com. on friday president obama met with insurance executives, last minute administrative fix, workability insurers have questioned and that is, indeed, a euphemism. that same day 39 democrats backed a law while democrats in the senate continued to push for more fixes. "new york times" reporting democrats are in a panic at the recent reversal of political fortunes, house speaker nancy pelosi is remaining confident. >> the rollout of the website, that's terrible. but the fact is, that will be fixed. i don't think you can tell what will happen next year. i'll tell you this, democrats stand tall in support of the affordable care act. >> indeed, to all the skeptics and naysayers, fur or over glitches to hurricane katrina and iraq, perhaps a little perspective is in order. new york magazines advises if every one of obama's katrina's were katrina america would no longer exist and we'd live in a watery hellscape. joining me today, the columnist for "the daily beast," the columnist, there are many columnist, but the only one to read on "the daily beast," sally cohn,
to the guy with the gavel. >> president clinton made clear he thought president obama should keep his promise. this is not about politics. these are about real people in our districts that are being harmed by obama care. it's time to fix this law. >> the republican feeding frenzy continued elsewhere on capitol hill as a house oversight hearing provided ample opportunity to grill the administration's technology officers. chairman darryl issa wasted no time taking the president to task. >> president obama said, using it would be as easy as buying an airline ticket on or buying a television on amazon. this is an insult to amazon and kayak. this wasn't a scaling mistake. this was a monumental mistake to go live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> but underscoring the deeply political nature of the health care proceedings, the testier exchanges took place not between republicans an white house officials but between republicans and democrats. after delivering a typically self-serving and long-wibded hoping statement, chair darrell issa was determined to keep democratic questions
about tribalism. it's about the fact republican party's posture from the beginning of the obama presidency has been sort of we are the red tribe, this the blue tribe. we're going to defend from the encroaching blue tribe. >> which is really the brown tribe. >> really it's about what you're doing here is giving a victory to democrats. you're letting democrats set the gena, let them say this is something you should vote for. that mind-set pervades a lot. there's a stubbornness, democrats are trying to do this, we'll stand up and find a way to fight them on this. when you look at an issue like this, why are you fighting them on this? tribalism plays to a degree we don't also talk about. >> you bring up the pope. pope francis is fantastic on a lot of issues but particularly on this given he's pope. senator coats being fearful, fighting freedom of religion. when people bring up that argument, i want to make sure they you understand there are lgtb americans who are people of faith. what do you say to them? they are looking to save their jobs, save their livelihood, proeblt protect the
du soleil he managed to link to failures of obama care saying washington is broken and democrats are trying to distract from obama kamplt the showdown come as senate republicans mostly flbd three of president obama's nominees. not because of their views or qualifications but in an attempt to permanently keep democratic judges off the bench. what qualifies as nuclear in the 2013 senate means using a simple 51 vote majority to change the senate's rules. these days when virtually everything ever required a filibuster proof 60 votes, it's so extreme, so severely serious it is deemed nuclear. the proposed democratic measure would adjust senate procedure to eliminate the 60 vote threshold for all executive appointments aside from supreme court justices. while there's certain to be partisan haggling over that carveout, the larger issue and end of the senate filibuster has implications so far reaching that our tiny little human brains have only begun to consider them. one thing at least is for sure. the power hoarding that has come to characterize modern day msht has reached a new place.
. will the obama administration get another win? it's tuesday, november 26, and this is "now. " >>> just when you thought the legal efforts to dismantle the nation's health care law were over they are at it again. just moments ago as we've been reporting the supreme court decided to hear a case arguing that the act violates first amendment rates because it requires coverage for employees' contraception, reproductive screening, and preventive care. the obama administration was already pretty careful. they exempted religious institutions from that rule. but now some corporations say their religious freedom is being violated. hoby lobby, a crafts chain, argues that just as corporate speech rights were protected in citizens united, now corporate religious rights should be protected against government pressure through the aca. just as it is wrong to ask whether corporationses have speech rights, they argue, it's also wrong to ask whether corporations exercise religion. an appeals court in washington recently agreed ruling that the aca's contraception rule would force religious companies to, quote, bec
political leanings. they wanted to refuse president obama any more appointments to appeals court. that's because the court oversees most agencies, health care, financial reform to the irs and epa. underscoring the importance of the d.c. circuit court, four of the nine supreme court justices served on it. but rather than than admit to their fear obama appointee might shift the balance away from them, republicans have cooked up a sketchy, mostly absurd argument that filling an empty seat amounts to court packing. because you know, the second most important court in the land is not busy. why do they need all those judges anyway. >> presently there's enough judges to go around. there's plenty of reasons not to fill any more seats on this court. >> he's trying to pack the court in order to affect the outcomes. if you're going to try to jam three additional judges on the court that are not needed, second most important court in the nation to change the outcome of decisions and rubber stamp the administration's expansive policies, i don't know what else you'd call it other than court packing.
. simply put, lacks a unifying figure that appeals to every part let alone matches the clinton-obama. >> they can do all the marketing they want, all the outreach they want. if they don't change their basic substantive position on women's issue. if they don't change the language, language we've seen recently about african-americans, if they don't stop showing up with a confederate flag, they can have 10,000 outreach people in the african-american community, women's community, it won't make a difference. people aren't dumb. they know who their friends are and who they aren't. that's number one. in terms of surrogates, i would contend gop has surrogates who do appeal to 90% of the electorate but weren't in virginia. where was jeb bush. did jeb bush go to virginia? >> no. >> jeb bush has broad appeal. he has broad appeal in pennsylvania. that doesn't mean he would carry if he were the presidential candidate but he has broad appeal. those republicans didn't show up. chris christie didn't leave the state to campaign for ken cuccinelli. >> no. and would he have? >> you've got a group of re
. memo to josh, this whole complex health care enterprise includes more than a website. responding, obama care panic to enter even stupider new phase. writing, there isn't as though problems are beyond human ingenuity to skofl requiring heavily intervention. the administration is trying to achieve faster than light transport or make us immortal, it's a website. as pointd out, it is indeed more than a website. it's in full bloom manifesting in things like lower hospital rates, care of organizations and retail health care and employers. shopping around for less expensive plans rather than endlessly footing higher bills. so can obama care hyperventilation continue for ever? possible but probably not. joining me editorial director of the huffington media group howard fine man, chairman of slate and washington editor of the national review robert costa. joining us from washington is democratic senator from west virginia the inimitable jo mansion. senator, thank you so much for being with us today. >> nice to be with you. >> senator, i want to get your take. there is a lot of talk about panic i
president obama placed the blame squarely on republican obstructionists. >> it's not a time for celebrati celebration. it's a time for being serious. the obstruction we've seen for president obama has reached new heights never dreamed of. >> a deliberate effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to refight the results of an election is not normal. for the sake of future generations, we can't let it become normal. the american people deserve better than politicians who run telling them how terrible government is and devote their time in office to try to make it not work as much as possible. >> republicans responded with threats, schoolyard taunts. warned a spokesperson for majority leader mitch mcconnell. i'm looking forward to president rubio stacking the courts. and junior senator from kentucky rand paul. >> we need anti-bullying. harry reid says he's going to break the rules and make new rules. he's got to have everything his way, control everything. basically he's become the dictator of the senate. >> indeed the rule change will have repercussions tha
for medicaid. on that note, president obama heads to texas this afternoon where he'll press governor rick perry to put politics aside and expand medicaid to poor men and women in the lone star state. judging by the last month, good luck with that. joining me today, washington bureau chief at the huffington post, ryan grim, syndicated columnist kathleen parker, and msnbc host ronan farrow. ryan, i will start with you. i know "the huffington post" can sometimes focus intently on republican failure. i think the news media has been actually fairly even handed in the affordable -- in the coverage of affordable care act. but has the media been too even handed as far as giving air time to glitches and broken promises and not truly focusing on what the law is doing at large? >> i think it's been one of the most embarrassing experiences for the media in a long time. they kept dragging out these people and saying, you know, look at the devastation that was visited upon this woman in florida or wherever because she's getting her policy canceled and now she's in all sorts of trouble. but then if you look a
-founder of fenway strategies and former director of speechwriter for president obama, john fab ro and inimitable elegantly effortless jonathan capehart. as far as gop and chris christie. what do you think accounts for the fact that christie won 51% of latino vote, 21% of african-americans in new jersey, much better than anyone has done in his party with the electorate. nationally he's nowhere with minority groups. >> i think christie can get there nationally. he's been focused on new jersey. his whole point in 2013 is to show republicans, especially in a blue state, can build a different kind of coalition. he's going to have to show in early steps towards 16r 2016 does he focus on iowa or florida and building a tent going forward. >> quoting richard cohn. i personally think the christie problem is the brand of the gop is tan i should, being a representative is difficult. richard is not making it easier. i will read the quote of the morning. jonathan, we're going to ask you so prepare yourself to talk about your colleague in just a couple of minutes. he leads by saying, today's gop is not racist,
run health care plan called obama care. this is going to ruin the best health care system in the world. >> indeed, it is the best health care law with 47 million uninsured americans. raucous caucus will vote on a bill with fred oupton. with me luke russert and howard dean. salon contributor and radio host of 360 curt anderson. governor dean, i would like to start with you. >> the health care guy. >> the health care guy. was this inevitable, the health care fix? >> i wouldn't have gone for a fix. our state with an exchange hired the same people as the federal exchange. we have the same problem. what the government did, see it coming, understand after a period of time where you couldn't fix it, we're going to paper and telephone lines. that's what should happen. i don't think back off any of this. make a solution available. if they have to throw the web cover over the side, we did social security on telephone lines. they shoould not back off. the bill is a joke, which gets i rid of insurance reforms which help ordinary americans. >> you think he could have with stood senate
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)